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- Our undetected csgo cheat and hack is made for legit game-play -


How is this hack not detectable by the above anticheats?

This hack is based on hardware cheating, you don't have to run any software or injectable on your pc. You will get a PCI/M2 to attach to your mainboard. 

How is managed this cheat?

You can customize settings from your phone via USB.

Will other features be added?

At this moment, security is first in all

How this cheat will get update?

Global driver update, we don't need to ship another product.

Where this hardware cheat are shipped?

All countries (except China, Koreea and Japan). (US and UK have a different fees, you can ask one admin)

How much days take for delivery?

3-30 days, depend of countries.

How to install cheat?

Just plug in hardware cheat. (you will get a photos in a box), scan QR Code for get Android App, Enable Developer Mode, Connect via USB, Go into Application and just do a settings (you have to allow access to storage). After this connect your mouse to ULINE Device to USB. (You need USB mouse). That's all. [SOUND ESP is working only for front panel 3.5mm jack or USB]



  • Key = Aims when a selected key is held
  • Dynamic Fov = Area of selection to aim within
  • Smooth = Aim towards a target slowly
  • Rotation Assist = rotates when moving to keep enemy centered
  • Spot = Select head, neck, chest or clavicle to aim for
  • Multi-Spot = Select more than one aim spot at once
  • Spot Edge = Aims at the closest edge of spots
  • Time = Aim for a specified time after the key is released
  • First shot delay = delay before the first shot
  • Visibility Check = Only aim for visible targets
  • Movement Predicition = Predicts the momevent of targets
  • Non-Sticky = Choose to aim without sticking


  • Key = Only trigger if a selected key is held
  • Delay = Delay before firing
  • Pause = Delay between each shot
  • Aftershot = Specified time to keep shooting


  • Compensation Vertical = Compensates the vertical recoil effect
  • Compensation Horizontal = Compensates the horizontal recoil effect




Current status on anticheats:

  • VAC
  • MM
  • SMAC
  • CEVO
  • ESEA
  • FACEIT both (works with anticheat)
  • EAC
  • 5WIN
  • GamersClub
  • other anticheats.
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